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2024 Fair Parade -

Fair Parade Info 2024 -

Click below for Parade Entry Form

2024 Parade Entry Form

2024 Pasco County Fair Parade Rules

36722 CR. 52, DADE CITY, FL 33525 (352) 567-6678
MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2024 @ 11:30 a.m.
Parade Theme: Buckets of Fun for Everyone
Jeanie Germain, Parade Chairperson

The Pasco County Fair Association Parade operates under the General Rules & Regulations of the 2024 Pasco County Fair. A copy of the Fair Rules and Regulations is available upon request.

The following rules are specific to the parade and are designed to ensure and preserve the public peace and good order, and are promulgated to maintain the safety of all parade participants and spectators. These Parade Rules apply to parade line-up, the main parade, and closing procedures. They will be strictly enforced. Violation of these Parade Rules may result in immediate ejection from the parade and in other penalties consistent with Florida Law. Whether actions or behavior constitute violations of these Parade Rules is within the sole discretion of the Parade Marshal or designated representative informing the violator of the violation.
Violators may forfeit the right to participate in future parades. Parade Officials (Parade Marshall or designee) will provide assisting information and are identified by orange vests.

Initial Lineup will be made based upon entries received by Friday, February 10th. DEADLINE FOR ALL ENTRIES WILL BE 5 P.M. ON WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14th. UNITS NOT OFFICIALLY ENTERED BY THE DEADLINE DATE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR COMPETITION. COMPLETED ENTRY FORMS ARE TO BE SUBMITTED ONLINE at (No Entry will be accepted in the fair office) Entry applications describe the unit and cannot be changed or transferred without Parade Committee authorization. Only one entry application per organization can be accepted. An entry can be accepted in only one category. All entries will compete for the best unit depicting the “Something To Crow About” parade theme.
Acceptance and position of units in the parade are made by the Parade Committee and are final. Each official entry will receive by e-mail or phone from the Parade Committee the following:

1. Information on assigned position, the parade route, location of assembly points, and other pertinent information. A Waiver of Liability form is required of each applicant. (see page 3) The lineup of the parade will begin at 9:30 am. All floats and large units should be in their designated assembly points by 10:30 a.m. All persons participating must be in position by 11:00 a.m. The parade will commence at 11:30 a.m., Monday, February 19, 2024.

2. Any unit not prepared to move when called upon by parade officials may be removed or held to the end of the parade. No undecorated commercial vehicles will be allowed in the parade.

3. Each unit will identify one adult as the unit’s safety representative to parade officials.

FLOATS: Professional or home-built; pulled or motor-driven accepted. Maximum size (excluding tow vehicle) 40ft L, 8ft W, 12ft 6in H, from road surface including standing riders. Tires must be covered so as to prevent personal injury stopped or in motion. Safety bars or stable structures shall be provided for each person riding or standing on the unit. All towed units must use safety chains in addition to the tow bar or tongue. Walkers with floats must be 12 years or older and must be directly supervised by an adult at all times.

MARCHING BAND/PERFORMANCE UNIT: Professional, Public, Private, or School Affiliate. On one hand, an electric or motorized type support unit is allowed to follow behind. Drill teams may perform in conjunction with their unit. Units must allow 8ft between unit and street curb.

WALKING UNIT: Other than Marching/Performance is allowed only with a float or decorated unit, must be 12 years or older and directly supervised by a chaperoning adult at all times. No strollers are allowed on the parade route. Units must allow 8ft between unit and street curb.

CAR UNIT: Only cars carrying public celebrities, officials, and guests of the applicant organization (including queens and queen contestants) will be accepted. No passenger can be positioned on or ride on the front or roof of a vehicle.

OTHER UNITS OR UNITS WITH ANIMALS: Accepted at the discretion of the Parade Committee. Live animals will be followed by pick-up/clean-up personnel and must show proof of Liability Insurance. A maximum of 10 animals per unit is allowed.

Judging will be done by a panel of impartial persons, selected by the Parade Committee. Decisions of the judges are final. The winners will be contacted by phone or e-mail by the chairperson. Awards must be picked up at the Fair Office at 36722 S. R. 52, Dade City, for additional information, please contact the “Fair Office” at 352- 567-6678.

Cash Prizes will be awarded for the following: Best Unit Depicting theme $50 and trophy. Best Civic Unit, Marching Unit, Mounted Unit, and Commercial Unit will be awarded $50 each.

The winners of the 2023 Pasco County Fair Association Parade are:

Best Overall/Best Civic: – Progressive 4-H

Best Commercial/Best Theme: – Rural King

Best Marching: – Zephyrhills High School ROTC

Thanks to everyone that participated in the parade.
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