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Mow-Town Lawn Mower Races

Pasco County Fair Mow-Town Lawn Mower Rules & Regulations

The Track Promoter has the right to approve or reject all entries.

No drinking of beer or alcohol is permitted by drivers prior or during race.

All drivers must sign a reserve sheet and receive a pit pass.

If your mower stops you have 1 minute to start it or your disqualified.

Track boundaries must be observed at all times.

All mowers shoved or driven out of bounds can be disqualified if the derby officials feels the need of a safety hazard.

Two Classes:
1. 12 - 15
2. 16 and older

Lawn Mower Rules:

1. Mowers must measure no wider than 42 inches.
2. Mowers deck must be removed.
3. Mowers engine must be vertical shaft manufactured for lawn mowing.
4. Mowers transmission can be locked for safety purposes.
5. Mowers governor can be unhooked.
6. Mowers carburetor must be stock for stock mowers only.
7. Mowers after market filters are allowed.

Modified Lawn Mowers:

1. Mowers frames must be consist factory frames.
2. Mowers transmissions must maintain all forward gears and reverse.
3. Mowers carburetors can be modified.
4. Mowers must be operated by a push button starter or key switch start.
5. Mowers should have no exposed sharp edges.
6. Mowers batteries must be secure.
7. Mowers brakes should be foot or hand brake.
8. Mowers must have either foot or hand throttle.
9. Mowers with centrifugal clutches are allowed in all classes.
10. Mowers must have foot holds made so that the foot can't become entangled.
11. Mowers seat must be a lawn mower seat.
12. Mowers exhaust must point away from the driver and competitors.
13. Mowers driveline can be modified from the engine pulley the rear wheels using lawn mower parts only.
14. Mowers that have transmissions with chains must have shields.
15. Mowers must have front and back pumpers.
A. Bumpers must not cover more that 75% of the tires.
B. Bumpers must be 8 inches off of the ground.

Age Limits:
12 - 15 year old can only race stock mowers.
16 years of age and older who have modified mowers must have a driver's license.
All helmets must be DOT approved, long pants, long sleeve shirt, goggles and close toed shoes. (No flip flops, crocs or slip on)

Only 1 entry per driver.

Each driver is required to fill out an entry form.
Drivers must provide their own mower to race.

All Mowers will be inspected by the Pasco County Fair.

$10.00 entry fee.

1st, 2nd & 3rd places will receive trophy's

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