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Fair Board

The Pasco County Fair Association, Inc., a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, is run by a
board of directors which is elected at the annual membership meeting in April. Officers of the
board and general manager are elected by the directors. The board meets at 6:00 p.m. the second Thursday of the month.

President: R.J. Huss
Vice President: Jim A. Ward
Secretary: LeAnne John
Treasurer: Julie Cotton
General Manager: Clark Converse

Donna Blommel
Clark Converse
Kevin Corrigan
Julie Cotton
Chris Denton
Elaine Enfield
Charles Fraley
Leasa Gillespie
Ricky Gude
Steve Herrmann
Wayne Howard
R. J. Huss
LeAnne John
Krista Jones
Dolores Lanigan
Marybeth Lumbra
Neil Mathis
Jessica Roberts
Dusty Rowland
Tracy J. Thompson
Jim A. Ward

Commissioner Ron Oakley


Annual Fair:
Tracy J. Thompson, Chair
Elaine Enfield
Wayne Howard
Mary Beth Lumbra
Jim A. Ward, Co-Chair

Budget & Finance:
Chris Denton, Chair
Julie Cotton

Leasa Gillespie
Jessica Roberts, Co- Chair
James Harper

Building & Grounds:
Kevin Corrigan, Chair
Stephen Herrmann, Co- Chair
Ricky Gude
Charley Fraley
Dolores Lanigan

Ag Committee:
Donna Blommel, Co-Chair, Plant
Kevin Corrigan, Co-Chair, Board Director
Neil Mathis, Beef
Tim Carter, Dairy
Melissa Thompson, Rabbit
Robyn Kirk, Poultry
Nichole Haupt, Goat
Steve Herrmann, Board Director
LeAnne John, Board Director

Beef Committee Members:
Bill Barthle, Chairman
Neil Mathis, Vice Chairman **
Julie Brass, Secretary
Tammy Hanlon, Secretary
Courtney Ritter, Secretary
Ben Barthle
Mark Barthle
Dennis Butler
David Castle
Will Douglas
Cody Green
Gary Henry
Chris Jones
Roger McKendree
Jeffrey Mitchell
Brett Meyers
Earl Singletary
Dr. Brian Dillard
Ex Officio Members:
Laura Bennett

Hog Committee Members:
Janet Schroeder, Chairman
Ricky Gude, Co-Vice Chairman
Danny Crouch, Co-Vice Chairman
Janet Nathe, Secretary
Susan Matthews, Treasurer

Travis Brown

Tamara Davidson
Tiffany Fetting
William Grove
Michael Gulvin
Charley Kersey
Nick Miller
Joe Nathe
Chuck Sheets
Tim Smith
Melissa Thompson

Plant Committee Members:
Melissa Williamson, Chairwoman
Donna Blommel, Co-Chairwoman **
Andi Blomeley
Shelly Jackson
Steve Herrmann
Jessica Reagan

Rabbit Committee:
Melissa Thompson, Chairwoman **

Poultry Committee:
Robyn Kirk, Chairwoman**

Dairy Committee Members:
Tammy Hanlon, Chairwoman
Georgiana Madagan, Co-Chairwoman
Tim Carter, Treasurer**
Robin Hanlon Carter, Secretary
Danny Crouch
Dawn Crouch
Warren Lowery
Dr. Chet Taylor

Goat Committee Members:
Nichole Haupt, Chairwoman **
Samantha Daum, Co-Chairwoman
Alyssa Haupt, Vice-Chairwoman
Cheryl Wright, Secretary

**Ag Committee Member

Harold Sample
Rich Hetherton
James Harper
Earl Singletary

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