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The Little Roy and Lizzy Show are a bluegrass-gospel troupe led by Dove Award-winning multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Lizzy Long and veteran picker/all-around entertainer Little Roy Lewis. Based out of Lincolnton, Georgia. This Bluegrass Duo is a crowd-pleaser and a fair favorite at The Pasco County Fair. Concert begins 6 pm Wednesday February, 20, 2019

Doors open 30 mins. before show.

JEFF & SHERI EASTER - Gospel Night Feb 21st - 6pm

Jeff & Sheri Easter:

After thirty-three years of music and marriage, Jeff and Sheri continue to encourage hearts while setting a standard of excellence in the field of southern and country/bluegrass gospel music. Traveling now with their daughter Morgan on vocals, Jeff and Sheri have a dynamic sound/stage presence with unbelievable family harmonies and an authentic ability to communicate a message of hope.

For Jeff and Sheri, gospel music is genetically programmed into their DNA. As members of acclaimed musical families-Jeff's father is one of the Easter Brothers, and Sheri's mother is a member of the Lewis Family-they grew up surrounded by the sound of people praising God through their musical gifts.

Jeff and Sheri have been nominated for numerous Dove Awards and won nine. They've also received multiple Grammy nominations, and Sheri has been named Singing News Favorite Alto eleven times and the Singing News Female Vocalist four times, in addition she has claimed 21 multi-genre industry voted female vocalist awards. Jeff and Sheri's wall of awards also includes three Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music Association Awards, two International Country Gospel Music Association Awards, nine Voice Awards for Christian Country Group, four Hearts Aflame Awards, and three Cash Box awards. They also have participated in the Gaither Homecoming video series since 1993, which have sold over 20 million units.

Apart from their frequent appearances on the Gaither Homecoming tour and videos, Jeff and Sheri have a heavy touring schedule of their own. "When we perform, we want people to leave a little different than when they came in," Sheri explains. "We want them to have a great time smiling, laughing, crying, and healing. We want them to know God loves them and that He is in control," Jeff & Sheri hit the stage Thursday, February 21st @ 6pm - Pasco County Fair.


The Down East Boys is a name that is synonymous with Gospel Music. For more than 30 years, this quartet has traveled from coast to coast, from Canada to Mexico. Starting in eastern North Carolina, the group chose the name from that region called “Down East.” Although the name was associated with a small area, it did not take long for this group’s boundaries to expand. In just a few short years, the group had their first chart song and was signed to a major recording contract with Sonlite Records. Upon release of their second recording with Sonlite, the group was thrust into the mainstream of gospel music with their song “Beautiful Valley." For 10 months, this song remained in the top 40 of the Singing News chart and took the guys from a regional quartet to a sought after group across the country.
During their years of travel, the group has recorded more than 20 projects with over 40 songs reaching the top of the Singing News charts. Their latest project, One Day In The Past, was released August 24, 2018 and reminds followers of Christ to get back to basics — The first single, "Beat Up Bible," which is already hitting the national charts, is a rich, heartfelt rendition of the popular Little Big Town song that paints the picture of a “worn out and torn up” book used by generations to teach the value of prayer and unwavering trust in God. The radio single now sits at # 5 on the National Charts.
Group members are vital to any ministry, and the Down East Boys are blessed with a great group of men who love what they do and believe they’ve been called to share gospel music. At the age of 19, Ricky Carden began his journey into gospel music when he took over the lead position in the quartet. He has traveled with the Down East Boys since that time. This year, Carden, who is from Reidsville, North Carolina, celebrates 28 years in gospel music. The baritone is known as the hardest part to sing in a quartet. The part that must always be there but never heard. Daryl Paschal, from Ruffin, North Carolina, has been noted by many industry leaders and singers as one of the best today. His rich vocals have become a mainstay in the group. Doug Pittman, who is from Macon, Georgia, joined the group as the tenor singer in April 2017. Doug has a passion for gospel music and his beautiful vocal tones bring a rich sound loved by people across the country. The newest member, bass singer Zac Barham, is from Summerfield, North Carolina. Zac joined in early 2018 and draws in audiences with the quality of his low notes.
In the past 30 years, the Down East Boys have been afforded many great accolades to their credit. From performing with many evangelists through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, singing at Southern Baptist State Conventions and Evangelism conferences all over the country, to all the awards and nominations and the hit songs, nothing changes that this group’s goal is to share the gospel of Jesus unto all the world. Join the Down East Boys on Thursday, February 21st - 6 pm at The Pasco County Fair.

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