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World renowned professional Actress/Ventriloquist, Comedian , Sylvia Fletcher will dazzle you with her amazing talent, lively unforgettable characters, inanimate objects, and voice illusions that will lure audiences into her hilarious and intriguing word of comedy.

Sylvia's performances are like no others you will experience. This show is a true production masterpiece that will leave you talking, laughing and in pure amazement at her incredible talent . See the show that is nothing short of "VENTASTIC".

What People Are Saying:

"Exceptional Talent, We Love Her Work"...Norwegian Cruise Lines
"Hysterical"!!!!!... Disney Cruise Lines
"The most talented Ventriloquist we've ever seen"! Holland American Cruise Line
"Fletcher's Talent is unparalleled"GE Power Corp.



  • A HUGE Family Friendly , Las Vegas Style Show
  • Amazing, large scale, MEGA illusions
  • Entertaining & Exciting Escapes
  • Priceless Moments with Audience Participants

Josh Knotts & Lea are unique illusionists and a escape artist team who will keep the audience excited and engaged from beginning to end. They perform a high energy, modern and theatrical show consisting of large scale illusions and skillful escapes. They will even use audience members in some of their big illusions. They pride themselves in providing a family friendly show.



The Fearless Flores Family consists of Ricardo (Father), Arcelia (Mother), Cyndel (daughter) and Volorian (son). These ninth and tenth generation performers from South Florida are proud to present "Motorcycle Madness" inside the legendary "Globe of Death" (motorcycles inside a metal ball). Ricardo and Arcelia have presented this act for over 10 years and Cyndel began at the young age of six, while Volorian started his daredevil life at the unbelievable age of four. Cyndel and Volorian are currently the youngest brother and sister team to race inside the "Globe of Death." The Fearless Flores Family performs all over the country at fairs, festivals and motor sports events!! The Fearless Flores Family recently appeared on NBC's America's Got Talent!



Performed by Michael Shaffer of Austin, Texas, Tree of Life is performance art in which Shaffer dresses up in a realistic tree costume and moves about on stilts as a tree come to life. Standing 11 1/2 feet tall, the costume and performance is based on the mythic Green Man.
“Way back in history, people would celebrate and venerate the trees, and they would do so in the name of the Green Man, and the Green Man is the male counterpart of Mother Nature and the archetype of the Tree of Life.” Shaffer said.
When in character, Shaffer speaks to fair-goers with a voice that he said is part Sean Connery, part ancient elder.
Shaffer said fair-goers’ reaction to his costume and performance range from awe to fear.
Shaffer said his performance is designed to inspire reverence for trees and appreciation for their many contributions to the planet.
“Trees represent so much in everyday life — food,fuel, defense, oxygen –they are such an important aspect of life,” he said. The Tree of Life will be strolling daily.



Danny Grant has been putting smiles on people’s faces while entertaining at Fairs & Festivals since he was just 11 weeks old in his parent's variety show, "Bounce, OOO LaLa and Danny.”

Growing up as a 2nd generation performer, Danny was taught many skills and he has used these to create a fantastic show of his own.

You will be laughing hysterically while watching this showman at work. Danny’s charm, personality, humor and performing talent, are showcased during his outstanding show. Danny's show includes Cowboy Tricks, Guitar Pickin', Comedy, Juggling, Audience
Participation & more, making it one of the BEST and EXCITING new acts in the entertainment industry today.

Danny Grant’s Cowboy Circus is a wonderful attraction for guests of all ages, and you will leave saying “Giddy up”. Danny will be making his first appearance at the 2018 Pasco County Fair, strolling daily.



Corn Ball Comedy Entertainment with Sprinkles!

Fairgoers will Cool-off with the Comedy Capers of Dan-Dan and his Scarecrow!

Dan-Dan and his Sarcastic Sidekick trade Farmyard Funnies, sing Silly Songs and interact with the audience. When the Cornball Clodhopper

cranks up his Crop-Quenching Contraption, there Rural Rubes conjure up a Crowd Cooling Cloudburst!

Fast-Paced, Family-Friendly, Truly Funny Comedy Rainmaker Entertainment especially suited for cooling off after a hot day at the fair.

Don't Miss Dan, Dan The Farmer Man - First Time at the Pasco County Fair!



A bell sounds. The runners are off to a start. Each athlete vies for the lead. The crowd “roots” for their favorite runners. However, this is not your average race or your average runners. The runners are pigs. . . Robinson’s Racing Pigs! Each one hopes to get the coveted prize, an OREO cookie. The animal kingdom’s newest sport is a popular one among fair goers worldwide. Robinson’s world-famous pigs have performed their 14 to 18 mph sport on NBC’s Tonight Show, ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” and on stations in Europe, Japan and Australia The Pigs are now swimming too, Robinsons' Paddling Porkers now swim for the cookie as well. One land or in water, these piggies are entertaining! Racing Daily at the Pasco County Fair.



There is always something new to learn about Agriculture, and ALL ABOUT AG, is a learning tool as well as a FUN hands on experience for both old and young alike.

Visitors can milk a cow,make a rope, shell corn, pump water and learn about agriculture. Tom Umiker, a former dairy farmer from Plant City, Fla., developed the All About Ag exhibit to teach folks about agriculture. “As farming and agriculture become more distant from the general population, we tend to fill in that void,” Umiker said. He takes the exhibit to Fairs across the country. The exhibit is most popular among older people, Umiker said, many of whom reminisce about childhoods spent on the family farm. Umiker’s exhibit includes a corn shelling machine, in which the operator turns a crank to force an ear of corn through and strip it of its kernels..When children stop by, Umiker engages them in a quiz bowl, asking them to identify products that come from cows, pigs and other farm animals. The goal, he said, is to show children the vital importance farm animals play in everyone’s lives. For instance, heart valves and skin grafts come from pigs, and an element in brake fluid comes from cattle Visitor's are welcome to just “sit a spell” and visit with Tom . There's always an interesting story to tell.



Whether it’s history you love or just white hot steel, Purgatory Ironworks will astound you! Trenton Tye, featured of The History Channel’s “Forged In Fire”, is a professional blacksmith and educator, that will entertain and amaze you with this truly awe-inspiring craft. See bars of steel hammered and transformed into useful items right in front of your eyes! Trenton will not only show you the traditional methods of his craft, but also will teach you about the work that spans back over 2000 years. If you are looking for serious hands-on history or just an amazing show, come see the blacksmith! FIRST TIME AT THE FAIR!!!!
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