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Collura Cottage Depts. & Rules

FEBRUARY 20-26, 2023
36722 S.R. 52 – DADE CITY, FLORIDA
“Something To Crow About”

Ken & Rachael Woodard Co-Chairs Email:, Call or Text 352-507-8458

ENTRY DATES: Fri. February 10 - 9am till 3pm Sat. February 11 - 9am till 3pm at the fairgrounds or you may drop off Fair Entries at Quilted Twins on Thursday Feb, 9th, from 10 am to 5 pm. On Friday Feb 10th all entries need to be taken to the fairgrounds from 9 am to 3 pm. Pasco County Fairgrounds are located at 36722 St. Rd. 52, Dade City. Items will need to be taken to the Collura Cottage at the fairgrounds.

NOTE: Baked goods can only be submitted on Friday and Saturday Feb 17th & 18th, 10am - 3pm

PICK UP DATE: Mon. February 27 – 9am till 3pm

HOME ARTS ONLY WILL BE ACCEPTED ON: Friday and Saturday Feb 17th & 18th, 10am - 3pm Home Arts include Baked Goods, Canning/Food Preservation, Decorated Cakes, and Table Theme

You may pre-register by using the entry form available online. Otherwise bring your form and your entry on the dates listed. If you have any questions please call or text Rachael @ 352-507-8458


Vera Cox “Excellence in Quilting” AWARD Vera Cox was an exceptionally gifted and talented quilter with an unwavering dedication to the art of quilting. In honor and tribute to Mrs. Cox the Collura Cottage Exhibit judges will be giving this award to the quilt that best represents a Vera Cox quilt. Vera, who passed away in 2012 was admired by everyone that knew her. To own a Vera Cox quilt is to own a piece of history and a treasured heirloom. A Rosette ribbon, will be awarded to the entry that is considered superior by the judges.

F. J. Collura “MOST CREATIVE” AWARD A special award was established in 2013 as a tribute to F.J. Collura, the son of a fair founder who grew up at the fair and followed in his father’s footsteps as a fair supporter. He served as board president, general manager and was director emeritus at his death in August 2012 at age 67. The Collura Cottage Exhibits are housed in the Collura Building named in honor of his father, Joe Collura. F. J. was a kind, caring, community minded individual and truly one of a kind. A Rosette ribbon will be awarded to the entry that is judged to be the most unique entry.


All entries will be judged using the Danish system of judging. Each entry will be given the Blue, Red or White ribbon it deserves. Grand Champion Rosettes will be chosen and awarded as selected from the Blue Ribbons given by the judges.


1. The Collura Cottage Exhibits are open to all residents of Pasco County, (including seasonal residents), age 14 and older. Exhibitor MUST live in Pasco County and MUST provide proof of residency upon request.
2. All entries must have been completed since the 2020 Pasco County Fair, must be clean, free of spoilage, odor free, suitable for public viewing, completely finished and made by the exhibitor. Articles previously shown may not be entered.
3. Exhibitors' name, address, zip code and phone number should be on the back of each item for your protection. Canning entries should have personal information on the bottom of each item. E-mail addresses are appreciated but not required. Needlework, pictures, etc. should be framed, matted and wired for hanging.


Department 01 – Heirloom Arts

Division – Needlework
Judging Criteria: Consistency of stitches, degree of difficulty, seams & finishing, suitability of materials.

1. Crocheted articles
2. Knitting
3. Weaving
4. Any item not listed

Division – Embroidery
Judging Criteria: Design, technique, suitability of materials, presentation, impact, complexity, finishing.

1. Counted thread
2. Counted cross stitch
3. Hardanger
4. Machine embroidered article
5. Mixed media
6. Stumpwork
7. Swedish embroidery
8. Needlepoint
9. Any item not listed

Division – Quilts (Small to Large)
Judging Criteria: Workmanship (general construction, piecing, appliqué, quilting, if applicable, finishing, Special techniques) Design/Appearance (unity & design elements, general appearance)

1. Machine Pieced
a. Machine pieced/hand quilted
b. Machine pieced/domestic machine quilted
c. Machine pieced/mid or long-arm quilted

2. Hand - pieced
a. Hand pieced/hand quilted
b. Hand pieced/machine quilted


Quilted Items: (All items must be quilted to be in this category)

1. Bags of all kinds
2. Table top items (table runners, placemats, bowl cozies)
3. Aprons
4. Seasonal items (Stockings, tree skirts, ornaments,Advent calendars)
5. Wall Hangings
6. Dolls/Toys
7. Clothing
8. Other (Any item not listed above)

Division - Sewing Judging Criteria: Workmanship, design, functionality, cleanliness, harmony of colors and materials.

1. Adult wear
2. Children’s wear
3. Animals/dolls
4. Costumes
5. Recycled – any item made from recycled clothing, (vests, purses, tote bags, jackets, etc.)
6. Any item not listed The Pasco County Fair Association, Inc. does not discriminate against any person on the basis of age, race, color, sex or disability, religion or national origin.

Dept. 02 - HOME ARTS

Department 02 – Home Arts

Division – Baked Goods
Judging Criteria: Flavor, texture, color, appearance of product, recipe.


1. Breads, muffins, etc.
2. Cakes made from "scratch"
3. Creative cakes starting with a box mix
4. Pies
5. Candy (12 pieces)
6. Cookies (1 dozen)
7. Any item not listed Whole cakes, pies and breads must
be submitted. Complete recipes and instructions must be included. Please use disposable plates or trays as we cannot store glassware.

Division – Canning – Preserving
Judging Criteria: Uniformity, pack of jar, clarity, color, seal, and taste. Classes
1. Jelly
2. Jams/preserves/marmalades
3. Pickles/relishes
4. Fruits/Vegetables
5. Specialty foods, chili sauce bbq sauce, salsa, dried meats

Division – Decorated Cakes

Judging Criteria: Application & consistency of frosting, artistry of design & color, overall appearance.

Cakes or cake forms may be used. Decorate a cake in any way you wish, birthday, wedding, 2022 Fair Theme “MEMORIES MADE NEW”, etc.

Division - Table Theme Settings
Judging Criteria: Interpretation of theme, presentation, originality, overall appeal.

Decorate a table in any way you wish: Contemporary, Traditional, Four Seasons, 2022 Fair Theme “MEMORIES MADE NEW” etc.
The exhibitor will supply a tablecloth, one place setting and any decorative items to complete your table. Round tables will be used with varying heights so table leg coverings will be provided. Please no chairs, benches or stools. Please include a name for your place setting written on a small place card. Tables need to be set up completely by 2 p.m. on Saturday, February 19, 2022

The Pasco County Fair Association, Inc. does not discriminate against any person on the basis of age, race, color, sex or disability, religion or national origin.


Department 03 – Arts and Crafts

Division- Hobby Arts
Judging Criteria: Technique, originality, creative thought, overall appeal.


1. Beadwork
2. Models
3. Pine needle baskets
4. Scrapbooks, (whole page, single page or two facing pages)
5. Woven baskets
6. Wood work, carving, toys/dolls, furniture, intarsia, etc.
7. Any item not listed

Division – Creative Arts
Judging Criteria: Technique, originality, creative thought, overall appeal.


1. Dolls, soft sculptured, rag, mop, etc.
2. Flower arrangements
3. Holiday articles
4. Jewelry
5. Miniatures
6. Models
7. Painted articles (windows, flower pots, etc.)
8. Wreaths
9. Re-purposed
10. Duct tape use
11. Any item not listed Attention entrants:

Classes in several divisions have been eliminated due to lack of interest and several have been combined. If you have any items that do not have specific classes please bring those items in and we will make a class for those items. If you have ANY questions, please call

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