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Lowman Law Firm: Sponsor of Pasco Showcase of Talent 2023

Lowman Law Firm
Here are the winners from the 2023 Pasco Showcase of Talent 2023. Thanks to Lowman Law Firm for their sponsorship. Congratulations fo ALL winners:
Group 1
Winner Rhys Ricardo
1st Runner Up Aubrey Ford
2nd Runner Up Audrey Sachs
Group 2
Winner Jerzee Ramirez
1st Runner Up Savanna Nelson
2nd Runner Up Berkley Hopper
Group 3
Winner Tenley Ryman
1st Runner Up Keaton Ward
2nd Runner Up Penelope Whipple
Group 4
Winner Naomi Lopez
1st Runner Up Reagan Ricardo
2nd Runner Up Vitoria Nelson
Group 5
Winner Kasey Lang
1st Runner Up Larkin Mainwaring
2nd Runner Up Brooke Tudor
Group 6
Winner Showbiz
1st Runner Up Little Stars
2nd Runner Up
Group 7
Winner Showstoppers
1st Runner Up Star Company
2nd Runner Up Star Company Apprentices


The 76th Annual Pasco County Fair will host the Pasco Showcase of Talent on Monday Feb. 20th at 6 pm. Cash Prizes will be awarded for the Winner in each age group. sponsored by Lowman Law Firm - Solos and Groups will be on Monday, Feb. 20th Come enjoy an evening of Talent from Pasco's Finest.

Pasco Showcase of Talent
Pasco Showcase of Talent
Local Contestants compete for Cash Prizes
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