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Collura Cottage Winners 2018

Here are the winners from the 2018 Collura Country Cottage:
Needlework Grand Champ: H. Strydom
Reserve Champ: B. Pennay
1st Place: B. Pennay,H. Konow, G. Watkins, J. VanderTuuk, M. Barzelay ,
F. Brewer, A. Cole Rhoden, H. Strydom
2nd Place: A. Cole Rhoden, M. Wallinger
3rd Place F. Brewer, H. Konow
Embroidery Grand Champ: M. Barzelay
Reserve Champ: S. Gibbs
1st Place: M. Barzelay, S. Gibbs
1st Place: K. Edgeman
Quilting Grand Champ: J. Hurley
Reserve Champ: D. Montieth
1st Place: D. Montieth, G. Beazley, S. Morgan, J. Hurley, R. Ritter, K. Boles, S. Weick, A. Coston, M. Henhoeffer
2nd Place: D. Montieth, R. Ritter, B. Burke, H. Renaud,
, M. Henhoeffer
3rd Place: T. Watkins, B. Burke, D. Montieth, M. Henhoeffer H. Renaud, H. Konow
Baked Goods
Grand Champ: A. Herrmann Burt
Reserve Champ: S. Young
1st Place: D. Gray Davis, S. Fisher, B. Hamilton, L. Pearce
2nd Place: L. Knous Green, L. Hansberry, M. Goodwin, D. Gray Davis
3rd Place: S. Graham, C. Hobbs, R. Perez, S. Young, M. Sasser
Decorated Cakes
Grand Champ: T. Helms
1st Place: T. Helms
2nd Place: L. Chamblee, T. Curry

Canning Grand Champ:
L. Knous Green
Reserve Champ: B. Pesola
1st Place: L. Knous Green, B. Pesola, A. Watkins, D. Williams, L. DiMaria, C. Williams, D. Gray Davis
2nd Place: A. Watkins,
D. Gray Davis, D. Williams S. Ritschard, C. Williams

Floral Arranging:
Grand Champ: P. Carver
Reserve Champ: D. Parks
1st Place: D. Parks, P. Carver
Table Theme Settings Grand Champ: M. Sasser
Reserve Champ: N. Johnson
1st Place: M. Sasser N. Johnson
2nd Place: N. Johnson
Hobby Arts
Grand Champ: D. Long
Reserve Champ: H. Howard
1st Place: D. Long, H. Harold
2nd Place: D. Long, H. Howard
3rd Place D. Long

Creative Arts
Grand Champ: T. Thompson
Reserve Champ: M. Riopello
1st Place: M. Riopello, K. McKendree ,H. Morales, A. Xu R. Casillas, R. Ritter L. Pearce, J. Schroeder, T. Thompson
2nd Place: H. Morales, K. McKendree, L. Hollingshead
3rd Place: R. Casillas, A. Xu H. Morales
Vera Cox Award for Quilts J. Hurley
F. J. Collura “Most Unique” Award M. Riopello

Collura Country Cottage Winners

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