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Art Show Winners 2018

Pasco County Fair Art Show Winners 2018
Clayton Hall Juried Art Show Awards 2018

Best of Show

West Zephyrhills Elementary: Bradley E.

Middle School

Paul R. Smith Middle: Saeda Lencioni

High School

Pasco High School: Ashlee Underdown

High School 2-Dimensional
First Prize: Wesley Chapel HS Adeline Chau
Second Prize: JW Mitchell HS Kaylee Dechalbor

HS 2-D Honorable Mentions:
Sarah Wasley JWMHS
Jordan Walsh JWMHS
Lyndzee Gugel WCHS
Kersten Lupinek PHS
Paige Jacobs PHS
Chase Hemphill PHS
Loren RRHS
Tanuja Avirneni WRHS
Rachel Flygare WRHS
Gabrielle Mesquita WRHS
Patricia Deogracias WRHS
Wesley Santana WRHS
Allie Zawadzki WRHS
HS 2-D Honorable Mentions Cont’d:
Analise Cuevas LOLHS
Donovan Lough GHS
Cassity Steele CCMHS
Maygan CCMHS

High School 3-Dimensional
First Prize: JW Mitchell HS, Henry Faber
Second Prize: JW Mitchell HS, Cashmere Chillious

HS 3-D Honorable Mentions:
Lewami Morales JWMHS
Angelica and Morgan WRHS
Abi and Ania Lopez WRHS
Victoria Visconti GHS

Middle School 2-Dimensional
First Prize: Paige Swonger, PMS
Second Prize: Karen Nova, RRMS

MS 2-D Honorable Mention
Madison Graham RRMS
Jayden Alcorn RRMS
Kailey Voll RRMS
Eric Mendoza, PMS

Middle School 3-Dimensional
First Prize: Harlie White PRSMS
Second Prize: Harlie White PRSMS

MS 3-D Honorable Mentions:
Flandra Demiri, PRSMS
MS 3-D Honorable Mentions, Cont’d:
Kasey Lang, Academy at the Farm

Elementary 2-Dimensional
First Prize: Lizzy Hammond St. Anthony’s School
Second Prize: Natalie Rodriguez QHES

ES 2-D Honorable Mentions
Abalenna Castillo CENES
Misael Montego RBCES
Aryal Sims RBCES
Elly OES
Isabella OES
David Perez LES
Nolan LLES
Aiden QHES
Brianna QHES
Frankie P. SHES
Autumn Paul CTES
Skyla McGuoirk CTES
Lauren McCaughey St. Anthony’s School
William Poynor St. Anthony’s School
Addison Nealy SAES

Elementary 3-Dimensional
First Prize: Amelie OES
Second Prize: Madison Pavone DOES

ES 3-D Honorable Mentions:
Taylor LLES
Kindra FHES
MS 3-D Honorable Mentions, Cont’d:
Joshua Johns CTES
Bryan Yater CTES

High School Photography
First Prize: Jovawn Edwards WRHS
Second Prize: Kyra Kalodimos SLHS

HS Photo Honorable Mentions:
Klara Melancon LOLHS
Kyra Kaladimos SLHS
Shannon Popescu Pasco E-School

Middle School Photography
First Prize: Zoey Pasco E-school
Second Prize: Samantha Pasco E-School

MS Photo Honorable mentions:
Sara Pasco E-School
Zoey Pasco E-School
Samantha Pasco E-School
Ashlyn Pasco E-School

Clayton Hall Non-Professional, Professional, and Junior Categories

Non-Professional Graphics
Honorable Mention
Jose Morales
Non-Professional Painting
First Prize: Robert Palmer
Second Prize: Fran Farmer
Clayton Hall Non-Professional, Professional, and Junior Categories, Cont’d

Non-Professional Painting Honorable Mention:
Gary Poling

Non-Professional Photo I
First Prize: Tolisha Tucker
Second Prize: Samantha Johnson

Non-Professional Photo I Honorable Mention
Jose Morales

Non-Professional Photo II
First Prize: Tolisha Tucker
Second Prize: Carol Carboni

Non-Professional Photo II Honorable Mentions:
Debbie Small
Carol Carboni

Non-Professional Photo III
No entries

Professional Graphics
First Prize: Cynthia Zozaya
Second Prize: Carolyn Frances

Professional Graphics Honorable Mention:
Candyce Nelson

Professional Painting
First Prize: Cynthia Zozaya
Second Prize: Joyce Owens
Professional Painting Honorable Mention:
Cynthia Zozaya

Professional Photo I
First Prize: Aubrey Bahr
Second Prize: Aubrey Bahr

Professional Photo II
First Prize: Aubrey Bahr
Second Prize: Aubrey Bahr

Professional Photo II Honorable Mention:
Aubrey Bahr

Professional Photo III
No entries

Junior Graphics
First Prize: Olivia Welbon
Second Prize: Cassidy Heister

Junior Graphics Honorable Mentions:
Cassidy Heister
Camilia Buchanan

Junior Painting
First Prize: Gracie Michot
Second Prize: Abby Hill

Junior Painting Honorable Mention:
Sarah Madagan

Junior 3-D
First Prize: Kaylee Michot
Junior 3-D, Cont’d.
Second Prize: Peyton Michot

Junior 3-D Honorable Mention:
Ashley Iulg

Junior Photo I
First Place: Abby Hill
Second Place: Heather Lawson

Junior Photo I Honorable Mention:
Heather Lawson

Junior Photo II
First Place: Olivia Hediger
Second Place: Haley Lawson

Junior Photo II Honorable Mention:
Haley Lawson
Olivia Hediger

Junior Photo III
No Entries

Agricultural Theme
First Prize: Charlie Smith

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