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2021 Fair ENTERTAINMENT -All Free

The Wagsters - World Class Magic & Illusion

BRAND NEW for 2021 - Direct from Myrtle Beach, SC. -The Wagsters

Location: Back Porch Theater

Appearing and disappearing daily at The Back Porch Theatre, Brandon and Hannah Wagster welcome you into their world of Magic & Illusion.

Escape your reality as you witness one of a kind illusions, hilarious comedy, audience interaction, and breath taking sleight of hand that will leave you saying “How did they do that?!” With a charm and wit that is truly contagious this husband and wife team will be sure to amaze and mystify!

After seeing Hannah materialize out of thin air, get squeezed into a small cube, and seemingly sliced to pieces and left completely unharmed you'll see why The Wagsters have been Voted Magicians of the Year by the Myrtle Beach Herald for seven years straight, were a featured act at The Carolina Opry Theatre for 6 years and over 850 performances, and just received the prestigious Merlin Award from the International Magicians Society for Best Theatrical Magic Production!

You don't want to miss this exciting show, BRAND NEW to the Pasco County Fair!


Location: Kiddyland Stage Area

Have you ever wanted to run away and join the Circus? Well, now is your chance! Step right up! Step right up, folks, to see some amazing stunts!

Featuring nothing but top quality family entertainment ranging from the most spectacular thrill acts such as The Globe of Death and High Wire all the way to the Aerial and ground acts presented in a modern and exciting performance!

The Leon Jacobs, Jr. Show


LOCATION: Clayton Way Stage


Leon Jacobs , Jr. is a wonder on the keyboards! He combines his musical skills with a great vocal ability to provide a remarkable and entertaining presentation! His act is supplemented with a computer assisted arrangement that makes this one man show sound like an entire band! Leon combines hits of yesterday and today and can entertain people of any age. Leon Jacobs, Jr. is a Showman!

Leon's Shows will be daily on the Clayton Way Stage

The Groovy Guy

BRAND NEW FOR 2021 - Daily Shows-- Back Porch Theater

The Groovy Guy

Winner of the Travel Channel's "Street Cred" and awarded $10,000 by Penn Jillette. Guy Collins performing as The Groovy Guy provides fresh, funny and fantastic entertainment for all. This cheeky Brit will have you gasping in awe as well as shaking with laughter.Be amazed as he walks on a rope held up by members of the crowd, floats above the audience upon the 6 foot unicycle, magically makes fruit appear from nowhere, and who doesn't love to see a grown man playing with fire. Daily shows at the Back Porch Theater.

Brad Matchett Comedy Hypnotist.

Location: Clayton Way Stage

First Time At The Pasco County Fair ! Brad Matchett Comedy Hypnotist

Brad Matchett uses hypnosis to entertain at this family-friendly Vegas style show. He uses volunteers who want to experience a great time. Relax, let go and find out just how much fun you can have! Hypnosis can often be described as a deep state of Relaxation.

One hour of hypnosis is like 6 to 8 hours of sleep. We all go in and out of hypnosis every day, driving, reading a book, watching TV, even playing video games. Brad only uses volunteers, no actors, just people who want to experience to great feeling of hypnosis.

ROBINSON'S RACING PIGS - Returning for 2021

Location: Next to Rabbit & Poultry Barn

There will be lots of SQUEALS with ROBINSON'S RACING PIGS!

Robinson's Racing Pigs are a returning attraction that has remained popular with Pasco County Fair attendees for years. Join them for daily races at the 74th Annual Pasco County Fair and JOIN IN THE RACE ADVENTURE!The #1 fair attraction in North America !

A bell sounds. The runners are off to a start. Each athlete vies for the lead. The crowd “roots” for their favorite runners. However, this is not your average race or your average runners. The runners are pigs. . . Robinson’s Racing Pigs! Each one hopes to get the coveted prize, an OREO cookie. The animal kingdom’s newest sport is a popular one among fair goers worldwide. Robinson’s world-famous pigs have performed their 14 to 18 mph sport on NBC’s Tonight Show, ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” and on stations in Europe, Japan and Australia The Pigs are now swimming too, Robinsons' Paddling Porkers now swim for the cookie as well. On land or in water, these piggies are entertaining! There is an Adventure at every turn!!

Agri-cadabra - The Magic of Agriculture

First Time at The Pasco County Fair.

Various Times, Daily!
Location – Kiddy Land

Brad is an educational agricultural specialist. He entertains and educates Fairgoers on Florida Agriculture. This year's show is The Magic of Agricultural. Make sure you come out to the show to learn about all of the animals on the farm and the crops. You will get to meet Houdini the Rabbit and Nugget the Rooster after the show. Brad is always in need of volunteers so make sure to get to the show early!

The Groovy Guy - Strolling Show

Groovy Guy - Strolling Daily Food Court Area

Groovy Guy riding a Unicorn (yes, you read that right), it even poops a rainbow. Wonderfully unique strolling entertainment. Guy Collins is a variety comedian who splits his time mainly between the United States of America and Great Britain performing at Theaters, Street, Renaissance and Art Festivals, Corporate and Special Events, State and County Fairs, Cruise ships, Theme parks, Hotels, Resorts, Colleges and Schools. Don't miss Groovy Guy strolling the food court at the 2021 Pasco County Fair.

Priscilla The Dinosaur -Strolling Daily

Priscilla The Dinosaur
Adventure Back In Time, To The Land of The Lost!!

Priscilla The dinosaur walks among the the fair crowd daily at 74th Annual Pasco County. encounter. She is over 8′ tall and 16′ long with incredibly realistic eye blinking, tail swooshing and a mighty roaring sound. This dinosaur is a fascinating and thrilling experience that will captivate both adults and children alike.

This is an adventure, you don't want to miss!

ALL ABOUT AG - Daily Display-Interactive

There is always something new to learn about Agriculture, and ALL ABOUT AG, is a learning tool as well as a FUN hands on experience for both old and young alike.

Visitors can milk a cow,make a rope, shell corn, pump water and learn about agriculture. Tom Umiker, a former dairy farmer from Plant City, Fla., developed the All About Ag exhibit to teach folks about agriculture. “As farming and agriculture become more distant from the general population, we tend to fill in that void,” Umiker said. He takes the exhibit to Fairs across the country. The exhibit is most popular among older people, Umiker said, many of whom reminisce about childhoods spent on the family farm. Umiker’s exhibit includes a corn shelling machine, in which the operator turns a crank to force an ear of corn through and strip it of its kernels..When children stop by, Umiker engages them in a quiz bowl, asking them to identify products that come from cows, pigs and other farm animals. The goal, he said, is to show children the vital importance farm animals play in everyone’s lives. For instance, heart valves and skin grafts come from pigs, and an element in brake fluid comes from cattle Visitor's are welcome to just “sit a spell” and visit with Tom . There's always an interesting story to tell. Come Adventure back to a simpler time in Agriculture. There is a rocking chair waiting for you!

THE BANJO MAN - Strolling Daily Returning for 2021


BANJO MAN, Greg Thompson is originally from North Carolina where he bought his first banjo at the age of 14. He has developed a style that is fun and entertaining. He not only picks the banjo, but he strums it “Dixie Land” and “Country” Style.

Greg is not only a banjo player, but he is a comedian and MC that is enjoyable by all ages from one to one hundred. He intertwines down home humor and current events into his performances keeping the crowds smiling and having a good time.

Who knows you just might be part of Banjo Man's show and there is sure to be some pickin' and some grinin' as well. Come Join the many Adventures with The Banjo Man, strolling daily at the Pasco County Fair.

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