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BRAND NEW for 2020 - Jay Mattioli - Electrifying Magic & Illusions -Daily Shows, Back Porch Theater

Jay Mattioli became one of the youngest magicians in HISTORY to be recognized by his peers as a two-time champion of stage magic. His recent appearances include venues in Las Vegas, Egypt, Hong Kong, The Caribbean, and for U.S. troops in The Middle East.

More recently Jay electrified the nation and stumped the judges with his appearances as a Quarter Finalist on NBC's "America's Got Talent" and as a Finalist on FOX's SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO". You have never seen magic like this! Decored in hip, vivid costumes, a carefully punked hair-do, and a vivacious assistant on his side, Jay performs magic with everything from live animals to levitating microphones as well as startling effects where Jay vaporizes his body in the blink of an eye!

Packed with excitement, comedy, audience interaction, and a one-of-a-kind personality, Jay Mattioli will continue to delight audiences of the new millennium with a show that simply can not be missed!! Don't miss the Magic daily at The Back Porch Theater There's a NEW MAGICAL ADVENTURE at every show

Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean High Wire Show

Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean -High Wire Thrill Show - Kiddieland Stage Area
Dare to Walk the Plank:- Adventure back into the days of old when Pirates sailed the ocean blue!

Watch nonstop Pirate action, adventure, and thrills right before your eyes as performers sword fight, rope slide, and perform other stunts on the High Wire 20 feet in the air on top of a giant 60' Pirate Ship!

As if this swashbuckling action wasn't enough, watch as performers jump and slide their way onto the huge Skull and Crossbones Wheel of Death. The only of it's kind in the world, watch as the pirates fight and perform stunts while walking, running, and balancing on the giant 35' rotating wheel of death.

The whole performance is presented in authentic pirate costumes, complete with a beautiful giant 60' pirate ship backdrop and set, exciting suspenseful music, fantastic use of 100% L.E.D. lighting and smoke effects for an experience that you will never forget. It is nonstop action from beginning to end featuring mermaids, fights over the treasure map, and more story and production guaranteed to thrill all ages

RENATA - The Band- Clayton Way Stage (Daily)

New for 2020 --- RENATA

"Renata" is an American country/rock trio composed of siblings, Collin (19), Adrienne (16) and Benny (13). Originally from Branson, Missouri, the trio now lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Despite their young ages, these talented siblings are no strangers to the music business, already showing the poise and maturity of seasoned professionals. Their musical tastes vary so their live show includes everything from Johnny Cash to John Mayer, not to mention fantastic original music. With strong vocal and instrumental skills far surpassing their young ages, these three amaze audiences with their unique sound every time they step onstage. For many years they have toured with their parents, as the family group "Matt's Family Jam", performing literally hundreds of shows at fairs, festivals and venues all across the country. Appearing Daily on the Clayton Way Stage come join Renata on a MUSICAL ADVENTURE!


BRAND NEW FOR 2020 - Daily Shows-- Back Porch Theater

See and feel the excitement as you watch an incredible display of fire juggling – with the juggler's hands actually ON FIRE! Imagine the gasps of astonishment and delight when you and the audience witness multiple balls spinning on ice cream cones around a volunteer LISTEN for the laughter as a RUBBER CHICKEN ends up launched by a cannon to a bucket on Greg's head.

Hard to imagine?....Better yet, it is hard to forget!

Join the Rubber Chicken Adventure, daily at THE BACK PORCH THEATER!

ROBINSON'S RACING PIGS ---- Returning for 2020

There will be lots of SQUEALS with ROBINSON'S RACING PIGS!

Robinson's Racing Pigs are a returning attraction that has remained popular with Pasco County Fair attendees for years. Join them for daily races at the 73nd Annual Pasco County Fair and JOIN IN THE RACE ADVENTURE!

A bell sounds. The runners are off to a start. Each athlete vies for the lead. The crowd “roots” for their favorite runners. However, this is not your average race or your average runners. The runners are pigs. . . Robinson’s Racing Pigs! Each one hopes to get the coveted prize, an OREO cookie. The animal kingdom’s newest sport is a popular one among fair goers worldwide. Robinson’s world-famous pigs have performed their 14 to 18 mph sport on NBC’s Tonight Show, ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” and on stations in Europe, Japan and Australia The Pigs are now swimming too, Robinsons' Paddling Porkers now swim for the cookie as well. On land or in water, these piggies are entertaining! There is an Adventure at every turn!!


Matt's Family Jam:

Delivering power-packed, energetic, live music, Matt’s Family Jam amazes audiences every time the group steps on stage. Whether playing classic hits, current favorites or brand-new original music, this five-member family band treats audiences to great musicianship, genuine family harmony and a unique experience at every show. Matt's Family Jam, THE REAL DEAL!
A Unique FAMILY Musical Adventure at every show


Adventure Back In Time!!!
Whether it’s history you love or just white hot steel, Purgatory Ironworks will astound you! Trenton Tye, featured of The History Channel’s “Forged In Fire”,
is a professional blacksmith and educator, that will entertain and amaze you with this truly awe-inspiring craft. See bars of steel hammered and transformed into useful items right in front of your eyes! Trenton will not only show you the traditional methods of his craft, but also will teach you about the work that spans back over 2000 years.
Blacksmithing origins first trace back to 1500 BC when the Hittites discovered the process of forging and tempering iron ore.
If you are looking for serious hands-on history or just an amazing show, come see the blacksmith! Returning for the 2020 Pasco County Fair. Catch Trenton's show daily on Clayton Way. Adventures Await!


Fritzy Bros.-One Man Circus: "Adventure Awaits"

Get ready to laugh hysterically and be entertained through juggling, unicycling and other fantastic circus activities. The Fritzy Brothers One-Man Circus presents a show for the whole family complete with acrobatics, audience participation and humor. Fritzy Brothers One-Man Circus has been performing in the bay area for many years and always providing a barrel of laughs and entertainment for the young at heart. The intent is to bring about the laughter that causes healing to the body, spirit and soul. Fritzy will be strolling the 2020 Pasco County Fair February 17 - 23, 2020

Every Show is an Adventure with Fritzy!!

THE MOOGICIAN--Strolling Daily

The Moogician --Brand New for 2020!

Milk is magical, cheese is juggle-able, and cows are cool

Todd Charles (aka "The Moogician") has been a comedy-variety entertainer all of his life. His original and refreshing material that combines magic, juggling, music, and comedy, has taken him all over the world, performing in theaters, fairs, festivals, comedy clubs, and on cruise ships.
It was while living on a dairy farm in upstate New York that Todd began to appreciate all the caring & quality work that went into bringing milk and dairy products to the store shelves. Soon he was inspired to create an entire show with dairy themed material, performing his magic with milk, juggling cheese, and all things MOO!

The show is all about FUN!

It’s a non-stop, quick moving, high-energy show!

Todd loves performing, and it shows! Milk appears, disappears, switches places, pours, and doesn't pour. Cheese balls appear, multiply, bounce around and juggle.

Audience participants become superstars, “Dairy-Ann” the cow keeps producing milk, and at the very end, she’s spinning around Todd’s head with her barnyard friends, one of the wildest and funniest routines you'll ever see!

Add some good down-home banjo pickin’, and you have one mootastic show! Come join The Moogician on his Adventures with dairy!


Adventure Back In Time, To The Land of The Lost!!

“Walking with Giants,” a dinosaur and dragon encounter. Presented by Prehistoric Adventures, the creatures are 8′ tall and 16′ long with incredibly realistic eye blinking, tail swooshing and a mighty roaring sound. Prehistoric Adventures provides a fascinating and thrilling experience that will captivate both adults and children alike.

Also, there will be a display where kids can dig up fossils and take pictures with life-like animatronic dinosaurs. This is an adventure, you don't want to miss!

ALL ABOUT AG - Daily Display-Interactive

There is always something new to learn about Agriculture, and ALL ABOUT AG, is a learning tool as well as a FUN hands on experience for both old and young alike.

Visitors can milk a cow,make a rope, shell corn, pump water and learn about agriculture. Tom Umiker, a former dairy farmer from Plant City, Fla., developed the All About Ag exhibit to teach folks about agriculture. “As farming and agriculture become more distant from the general population, we tend to fill in that void,” Umiker said. He takes the exhibit to Fairs across the country. The exhibit is most popular among older people, Umiker said, many of whom reminisce about childhoods spent on the family farm. Umiker’s exhibit includes a corn shelling machine, in which the operator turns a crank to force an ear of corn through and strip it of its kernels..When children stop by, Umiker engages them in a quiz bowl, asking them to identify products that come from cows, pigs and other farm animals. The goal, he said, is to show children the vital importance farm animals play in everyone’s lives. For instance, heart valves and skin grafts come from pigs, and an element in brake fluid comes from cattle Visitor's are welcome to just “sit a spell” and visit with Tom . There's always an interesting story to tell. Come Adventure back to a simpler time in Agriculture.

MEGAMORPH -Transforming - Police Car New for 2020

Megamorph Transforming Police Car, presented by Fearless Flores

Calling all Cars.......".Be on the looking out for a huge mega robot at the Pasco County Fair"......."Said Robot is to be disguised as a full size Chevy Camaro Police Car, that is capable of transforming (morph) into a huge (mega) Robot.........Right before your eyes", "Said Robot is reported to be TRANSFORMING" daily at the Pasco County Fair and when fully transformed, Robot is over 15 feet tall in height and motorized" "People of all ages are watching in amazement as this Police Car, becomes a Megamorph Robot in a matter of minutes before
their very eyes". Be advise this Robot can transform back into a normal looking Police Car just as quick. Proceed with caution and ADVENTURE into the world of Robots! "Over and Out"

THE BANJO MAN - Strolling Daily Returning for 2020


BANJO MAN, Greg Thompson is originally from North Carolina where he bought his first banjo at the age of 14. He has developed a style that is fun and entertaining. He not only picks the banjo, but he strums it “Dixie Land” and “Country” Style.

Greg is not only a banjo player, but he is a comedian and MC that is enjoyable by all ages from one to one hundred. He intertwines down home humor and current events into his performances keeping the crowds smiling and having a good time.

Who knows you just might be part of Banjo Man's show and there is sure to be some pickin' and some grinin' as well. Come Join the many Adventures with The Banjo Man, strolling daily at the Pasco County Fair.

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