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Youth Plant Show Entry Form - 2023

Pasco County Fair Youth Plant Show Entry Form - 2023

The maximum number of entries for the fair is 4, with no more than 2 entries per class.
Each entry will be judged together.
The entry fees are as follows, $5.00 per entry no more that 4 entries.

If your plants are donated please be sure to fill in the information below with the date they were donated and the name of the person that donated them.

***Container Size must be the size of container that your plants will be in on the day of check in, not the size it was in when you purchased the plant.***

***Dec. 1st, 2022 is the DEADLINE.***A change for this year – ENTRIES MUST be processed and paid online through website.***

Exhibitors are required to bring their own plants for check-in.

Exhibitor Information

Exhibitor Shirt Size (Check Only one)

Previous Exhibitor

Class: A: Woody Ornamentals:

Class B: Groundcovers and Herbaceous Perennials:

Exhibitor Club/Chapter Affiliation

Please Choose which organization you will be showing under. 4-H or FFA (Check One)

4-H Club or FFA Chapter (Must Check One)

Class C: Foliage Plants:

Class D: Liners, Rooted Cuttings, Seedlings:

Class D: Entry #1, # of Flats
Class D: Entry #2, # of Flats

Parent/Guardian Information

and agree to abide by the rules
Plant Entry #1
Plant Entry #2
Plant Entry #3
Total of Plant Entries
Each Entry is $5.00 (Limit 4 Entries)
Pasco County Fair General Rules & Regulations
Pasco County Fair Space Rules & Regulations

Class E: Miscellaneous:

If doing a dish, herb or water garden list the multiple species included in your entry.
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